Milk Policy and Pastoralists: Gender and Food Security Colloquium

It is my last day at Hohenheim University. My stay has been short but it has been really great connecting with researchers working on similar issues. I always find these types of exchanges so energizing, which is good because it´s expected to get up to 37° today and I need all the energy I can muster!
I am presenting at the Food Security and Gender Colloquium this afternoon. Here is what I will be talking about.
Title:  The White Revolution and the reordering of relations amongst the pastoralists of Gujarat, India:  Implications for food security and nutrition

Abstract:  This presentation will provide an overview of India’s dairy policy before analysing some of the implications of these policies on the pastoralists of Gujarat State, India, with particular focus on women pastoralists.  The case will be made that on the basis of mounting ecological and economic data, dairy policy in India needs to consider pastoralist management systems and livelihoods and develop appropriate policies and programmes to support them.  While the programmes have created important opportunities for increased earning potential for pastoralists, they have also lead to negative consequences for food security, traditional livelihoods and livestock diversity. A recognizable neoliberal turn in Indian dairy policy will most likely amplify negative impacts of the previous programme and potentially compromise existing best practices. The talk concludes with policy recommendations and a call to ground future policy processes with the normative and analytical right to adequate food framework.
You can review the presentation here: Dairy Policy and Pastoralists in Gujarat

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  • brucescholten
    Posted at 09:47h, 19 June Reply

    Uni-Hohenheim? Great Mense (cafeteria)! Enjoyed your PPt and good to see you cited Pratyusha Basu (beginning a 3 year dairy study in Kenya). Yes! the May-June 2013 Landgrab protests in Gujarat are significant. As for the NDDB’s new National Dairy Plan, my reservations are on:
    Good luck with your work – Bruce

  • foodgirluk
    Posted at 14:27h, 25 June Reply

    Love your posts! I also blog about Nutrition and Food Security issues. Please see my new blog…the #Foodgirl – fighting food crimes one spoonful at a time… Thanks and look forward to more of your blog posts. ‘Till then…Food Girl

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