Case Study Submissions on Dryland Planning

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) are inviting case study submissions for presentation at a stakeholder meeting to be held on the 6-7th November 2013, in Nairobi.
The meeting will consider strategies for effectively and sustainably managing change in the ASALs of Kenya.
In the context of significant changes such as investments, infrastructure development, mineral exploration and climate change, and in light of the opportunities presented by devolution IUCN and AWF wish to work with County governments to consider the role of land-use planning as a decision making tool that supports adaptation and development whilst maintaining the functionality of the system and critical ecosystem goods and services.  This meeting is as an opportunity for ASAL county representatives to come together to discuss these common challenges and opportunities, and to begin to explore the most appropriate mechanisms for collaborative decision making that ensure the sustainable and adaptive growth of the ASALs.
The meeting organisers would like to receive case study submissions, for short 10 minute panel presentations and follow-on debate.  The case studies should describe successful land use and natural resource planning processes in dryland environments, and explain what was successful?  Why?  Who was involved?  and how?  And consider the following:
  •         Scale of planning
  •         Trade offs/negotiations – who was involved and how?
  •         Climate Smart planning?
  •         Information and unit of analysis
  •         Sustainability and green economy considerations
Case studies from across non-governmental, private and public sectors are welcomed.  If interested please submit to Sarah Gibbons at sarahgwork (@) by 22nd October 2013.


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