Committee on World Food Security a key organ in addressing the issue of global food security

Somehow I missed this but at the 67th Session of the General Assembly (December 2012), in the report on Agriculture Development and Food Security, the General Assembly:

Recognizes the important role and inclusive nature of the Committee on World Food Security as a key organ in addressing the issue of global food security,
including in the context of the global partnership for food security.

A key organ is not quite the same as the vision outlined in the reform document (para 4):

The reformed CFS as a central component of the evolving Global Partnership for Agriculture, Food Security and Nutrition will constitute the foremost inclusive international and intergovernmental platform for a broad range of committed stakeholders to work together in a coordinated manner and in support of country-led processes towards the elimination of hunger and ensuring food security and nutrition for all human beings.

The recognition comes at the very end of the document, well below, the support for Scaling up Nutrition, for example, which is welcomed:

Welcomes the Scale Up Nutrition initiative, which encourages increased political commitment and programmatic alignment to accelerate reductions in levels of global hunger and undernutrition, with an emphasis on women and on children under 2 years of age (para 8).

The report is quick to recall

the commitments made to achieve global food security and to provide adequate and predictable resources through bilateral and multilateral
channels, including the financial and policy  commitments set out in the Aquila Food Security Initiative, and noting with appreciation the launch of the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition, which aims to accelerate the flow of private capital to African agriculture, take to scale new technologies and other innovations that can increase sustainable agricultural production and productivity and reduce the risk borne by vulnerable economies and communities in Africa

And later welcomes the outcomes of the 38th (special) and 39th sessions of the CFS.

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