Consultation on the Global Strategic Framework

The CFS plans to make a decision on the Global Strategic Framework tomorrow (Friday) but it was just announced that due to the several requests, the submission deadline has been extended to the 31st October 2011
To join this consultation,  please enter your comments on the webpage or write to

Civil Society Organizations, as facilitated through the Civil Society Mechanism felt this consultation was inadequate (the mandate of the CFS is in part to give voice to those most affected by food insecurity but these are also those least likely to have access to an internet connection through which to participate in an e-consultation) and have been undertaking their own autonomous consultation. This process is being facilitated by the GSF Working Group.
I have been following the work of the Working Group and will be following the Plenary decisions closely tomorrow (if we ever get through the policy round tables! just announced that there will not be a night session: we will close at 19H00. Tomorrow we will have three sessions. Drafting Committee meets tonight at 19H00.

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