E-consultation Zero Draft of the Voluntary Guidelines

The Zero Draft of the FAO’s Voluntary Guidelines on Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land and other Natural Resources. Click here to read the draft and to participate in the e-consultation. 

The Voluntary Guidelines initiative has gone through one of the most extensive consultation processes ever carried out by FAO. The over a year long consultation process of the Voluntary Guidelines brought together experts from many levels and sectors related to land and natural resources, including representatives from governments, civil society, private sector and academia.
This zero draft has drawn on these multi-stakeholder regional and thematic consultations that have taken place around the world in 2009 and 2010. This e-consultation is an opportunity once more for interested parties to contribute to the drafting of the guidelines.
Comments should be kept concise, to the point and targeted to specific sections of the draft text. We appreciate well thought out and structured comments that highlight missing points that should be addressed in the draft or point out issues that should be modified.

Daniel Gomez also started the discussion “How Can CSO participate in the e-Consultation on VG” on the FoodNutGov site. The description is also available in Spanish.http://foodnutgov.ning.com/group/land/forum/topic/show?id=5427088%3ATopic%3A7605&xg_source=msg

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