Get ready for an exciting month of food governance updates!

So it’s October, and that means a few things:
1)      World Food Day is coming up Sunday October 16 2011. The theme this year is Food Prices: From crisis to stability. More info here:
2)      The 37th annual session of the Committee on World Food Security (and the second session since the CFS reform)
These two things, plus harvest and the turning of the seasons, along with many other things means that October promises to a busy blogging month.

CFS 36th Session (October 2010)

I will be blogging from the International Food Security and Nutrition Civil Society Mechanism (CSM) Forum as well as the 37th Session.
So, what can you expect? Are you on the edge of your seats?  If you are, we should really talk because we are few and far between!
CSM Forum:
–          With respect to the Civil Society Mechanism, we will find out who the new Civil Society Advisory Group members to the Committee on World Food Security will be!
–          Updates from the CSM working groups (although you can get a sneak peak here)
–          I will send out some more clarification/reminders about what the CSM is and why it is important.
37th Session:
–          Will the Committee on World Food Security approve the Voluntary Guidelines on Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests?

  • The CFS-led intergovernmental negotiations on the Guidelines will continue 10-14 October and the hope is that they will be approved by the CFS (More info here).
  • For information about civil society organization positions (as facilitated through the Civil Society Mechanism, specifically the working group on the Guidelines, check this out)

–          I will provide summaries of the planned policy round-tables (at least two, since two are parallel sessions): How to Increase Food Security and Smallholder‐Sensitive Investment in Agriculture (Parallel); Gender, Food Security and Nutrition (Parallel); Food Price Volatility
–          I will summarise the updates on the Global and Regional initiatives and linkages with the CFS.
–          Provide an update on the implementation of the CFS Reform
–          And much, much more!
If you are super keen, you can check out the Provisional Annotated Agenda here.
Also, many of us will be tweeting (@foodgovernance) with#CSM11 and #CFS37 so you can follow along in real time!
And finally, in other exciting news, I have sorted out a domain name for this blog: you can now access us directly at

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