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I don´t have a lot of time to blog but thought it would be good to post an update linked to the Civil Society Mechanism’s (CSM) Working Group on the Global Strategic Framework (GFS).
The Committee on World Food Security (CFS) Secretariat started an electronic consultation on the GSF annotated outline facilitated by the Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition.
The CSM has raised concerns because the methodology adopted does not recognize the role of the CSM in facilitating the autonomous participation of CSO/NGOs. Nor does it guarantee equitable participation of social movements and constituencies that do not traditional have the internet as their main means of communication.
To address this concern, the CSM Working Group on the GSF, will be conducting an autonomous CSM consultation on the GSF. The results of this consultation, with a balanced contribution of as many constituencies as possible, will be submitted to the CFS and to the Forum consultation. If there is no consensus on a common position, divergent opinions will be made explicit.
The CSM Working Group on the GSF invites the Members of the CSM to actively participate in this parallel consultation. The inputs provided until the 19th of August will be systematized and discussed in a special meeting self-organized by the working group of the CSM on GSF on the 5th and 6th of September in Rome, as proposed in the Cordoba meeting. The meeting will be attended by members of the CFS Working Group on the GSF, by additional representatives of food producer and provider organizations, and by other organizations with a special knowledge in this field. The task of the meeting is to prepare the consolidated position of CSO/NGOs to be delivered to the CFS meeting in October. The draft coming out of the September meeting will be circulated among all CSM members for a final validation and comments, before being submitted to the CFS.
Here is the schedule to help coordinate this process:
Week one (until August 5ht): Topic 1: General evaluation of the structure and political nature of the Annotated Outline for the GSF, its weaknesses and strengths and strategic lobby work until its approval. What do social movements and CSOs expect from the GSF, as a tool of the CFs to improve governance and accountability on food and nutrition security related policies and issues? What are the main strategic steps to guarantee the approval of a relevant GSF by the CFs, in October 2012?
Week two (Until August 12th): Topic 2: Concrete contributions of the Rationale, Purpose, Function and priority issues to be address in the GSF. The contributions can be based  on parts 1, 2 and 3 of the Annotated Outline, towards the concrete elaboration of the first draft of the GSF (1 Statement of rationale, purpose and function, 2.Long term challenges and structural causes of food insecurity and malnutrition. 3. Priority issues to be addressed)
Week three (Until August 19th): Topic 3: Concrete contributions on political proposals and monitoring of priority issues. These contributions can be based on parts 4 and 5 of the outline, towards the concrete elaboration of the first draft of the GSF (4. Policy options and 5. Monitoring progress towards objectives at country level)
The CFS consultation is being supported by Food Security and Nutrition Dialogue: Check out the site for more information and note that Flavio’s post makes up the bulk of this blog post.

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