Global Strategic Framework

The renewed Committee on World Food Security requires a framework to provide an instrument to enhance the role of the CFS as a platform to improve cooperation, coordinated action and guidance towards partnerships to support country, regional and global plans to ensure food security.

This framework in to be outlined in what is called the General Strategic Framework.  According to the concept note presented by the Secretariat of the CFS as part of the second phase of the CFS renewal:
A strategic framework is generally understood to include concepts such as: inclusive and forward thinking, vision and intentions; a summary of actions (global to local) needed to reach a desired goal incorporating different perspectives; a description of an organization, corporate culture, business, or technology in the future.
It can thus be argued that a committee such as the CFS, which brings together a wide range of organizations, programmes, task forces and countries at different stages of development, working towards a common shared goal in a complex environment, needs such a framework to enable it to be forward thinking and visualize its future responsibilities and actions from different perspectives.
Stakeholders need to feel that they are part of something bigger than themselves. At the same time they need clear direction to know what “bigger thing” they are part of to willingly adjust themselves to the agreed direction.
This coincides with the CFS reform document which recommends the…“creation of a framework to improve coordination and guide synchronized action by a wide range of stakeholders.
The GSF was discussed in the Plenary and civil society played an important role in these discussions. A wide range of constituencies and people from various regions before hand at the CSO Consultation to discuss concerns and plan interventions. The main concerns raised by civil society were:
1) Obligation around binding mechanism of this process, required mandatory nature, accountability
2) Right to food
3) Inclusivity
4) Timing and process
I will elaborate on these in a later post.
After this discussion, late last night, the Plenary was to approve a recommendation as to how the CFS should move forward. Late last night, this wording was approved:
Launch a consultative and inclusive process to be conducted by the CFS Bureau with the assistance of the Joint Secretariat and in close collaboration with the Advisory Group and involvement of all stakeholders, with the aim to develop the first version of the Global Strategic Framework for Food and Nutrition Security (GFS) by Octobre 2012, which will be subject to regular updates reflecting the outcomes and recommendations of the CFS.  First step of this inclusive consultation process will be to find agreement on GFS purposes, basic principles and structure, taking into account existing frameworks. During this process, the HLPE may provide input on priority issues identified by the CFS.

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