Nomadism: An economic and social system based on pastoralism with a non-sedentary way of life. Nomads migrate with their herds taking their household and extended family with them. They follow the seasonal progression of rain vegetation. They live in tents and do not farm. Plant-based food is traded for products of livestock keeping. Semi-nomads farm and are sedentary with only part of the family migrating with their herds. Nomadism is an economic form which has adapted to the conditions of arid regions – often the only way to use the meagre production options without destroying them. Hence past attempts to make nomads sedentary have often failed or led to a clear deterioration of living conditions.

German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. 2009. User Rights for Pastoralists and Fishermen Agreements based on traditional and modern law: Contributions from Mauritania. Page 22.

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  • Marsha D. Gill
    Posted at 12:36h, 18 January Reply

    Nomads in Iran.Nomads are the people who migrate from one place to another with their tribe family and all their belongings. Changing of location and migrating of human groups are two outstanding characteristics of nomadic life..In such annual or seasonal migration nomads move from their winter resort locations to summer grazing lands with their animals and move back to their winter resort locations again when it gets cold.. It began with a very simple form but moving from place to place is still the fixed feature of such life style..Researches on migrating way of life indicate that this phenomenon exists mostly in semi-dried and marginal territories i.e.

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