Presentations to the CFS

Presentations made at the 36th Session of the UN Committee on World are available (only in English) on the CFS website: (Scroll down)
Agenda Item III – State of Food Insecurity (2010)

Agenda Item IV Global developments relevant to food security and nutrition:

Agenda Item V Regional Initiatives:
Asia and South West Pacific:

Latin America and the Caribbean:

Near East:

Agenda Item VII – National Iniatiatives for Food Security and Nutrition – Case Studies

Agenda Item VIII Policy Roundtables
Food Security in Protracted Crises

Land Tenure and International Investment in Agriculture

Managing Vulnerability and Risk

Agenda Item IX Global Coordination for food security and nutrition in support of national processes

The opening morning of CFS (9.30 – 12.30 CET) was webcast live and can be seen at this link

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