Summary Report and Global Action Plan: Women Pastoralists

I have just completed the “Summary Report and Global Action Plan: Women Pastoralists. Outcomes and Next Steps from the Global Gathering of Women Pastoralists” with generous support from key members of the Coordinating Committee. The report has been posted in the COP-PPLD (Community of Practice for Pro-Poor Livestock Development). Click here to read it:
This Summary Report captures the key events and outcomes of the Global Gathering of Women Pastoralists and builds upon the discussions and debates held throughout. It contains information about what happened, why, who attended and outlines key challenges women pastoralists must overcome in order to tackle these issues. It also contains an Action Plan designed to direct and encourage pastoralist women and those organisations working with these women to take action. Finally, the report provides short profiles of two women pastoralists who are leaders in their communities. These profiles highlight the capacity of pastoralist women and provide insight into the diversity of activities and struggles within which they are key actors.

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