(Un)accepted foods: Why are some edible substances considered food and others not?

My Little Pony Burger

Last night I gave a presentation and moderated discussion at an event on “(Un)accepted Foods,” hosted by a group in Wageningen called Stichting Ruw.
The goal of the evening was to learn more about the potential of insects as food and about eating unconventional food products like horse and goose meat. 
There were excellent presentations.
Rob Hagenouw, an artist, spoke about his project Keuken van het Ongewenst Dier (Kitchen of the Unwanted Animal) where they make and sell  “My Little Pony Burgers” and croquettes from geese shot at the airport.
Arnold van Huis, author of ‘The Insect Cookbook’ and Professor of Entomology (see his TED talk here) gave a fascinating talk covering the opportunities and challenges association with the development of an insect eating culture in Europe.
I provided a socio-cultural perspective on food categorisation: why are some edible substances considered food and others not. If you are interested in seeing my presentation, here it is: (Un)Accepted Foods 08.04.14

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  • foodgovernance
    Posted at 07:51h, 09 April Reply
  • Freek Jan
    Posted at 12:20h, 18 April Reply

    Hi Jessica, Thanks for sharing your presentation about (un-) accepted foods. The pictures are very much to the point and thus provide a wonderful global executive summary. Thanks for sharing!
    One further thought: does it make a difference to the dog or horse if he is considered food or not?

    • foodgovernance
      Posted at 07:32h, 25 April Reply

      Good question that may take us into a more spiritual conversation about life after death.

  • Kitchen-Counter-Culture
    Posted at 20:42h, 01 May Reply

    Loved your very concise presentation! Definitely brought home they idea that if we need to be eating insects, maybe soon we’ll get around to a way of making them feel if not acceptable than first, fashionable!

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