26 Films Every Food Activist Must Watch

FoodTank have compiled a list of 26 food activism films. Those who know me know that I really dislike watching movies. It’s not some sort of high-culture “I prefer books, I don’t own a TV” thing… I just can’t keep still that long. I usually get very frustrated that issues being presented are  over-simplified. The process of watching is one-sided, leaving you as a passive observer. Despite educating and motiving people, very little social change results from the quick burst of anger that comes from watching “activisty” films although they tend to leave people feeling well educated and superior (I can lump Ted-Talks in this mix).
These are but a few reasons why I don’t like films…  BUT… I know I am lame and in the minority…. so, for your viewing pleasure: http://foodtank.org/news/2013/09/twenty-six-films-every-food-activist-must-watch#.UkRHkTv3gXI.twitter

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