Jessica Duncan, PhD

Photo credit: G. Ackermans

Originally from Canada, Jessica Duncan is Assistant Professor in Rural Sociology at Wageningen University (The Netherlands). She holds a PhD in Food Policy from City University London.

Her research areas include: food policy; food security; global governance; environmental policy; and participation.

Jessica is passionate about food policy and sociology. Her main research focus concerns the practices and politics of participation in food policy processes, particularly the relationships (formal and non-formal) between governance organizations, systems of food provisioning, the environment, and the actors engaged in and across these spaces. More specifically, she maps the diverse ways that actors participate in policy-making processes, analysing how the resulting policies are shaped, implemented, challenged, and resisted, and she theorizes about what this means for socio-ecological transformation.

She is a member of the Wageningen Young Academy, and sits on the Sustainability Board of Experts at Wageningen University. She also works as an Associate Editor for the journal Food Security, and is an advisor to the Traditional Cultures Project. In 2017 she was awarded Teacher of the Year for Wageningen University. Her latest books include an edited volume called Sustainable food futures: Multidisciplinary solutions (Routledge 2017) and  Global Food Security Governance: Civil society engagement in the reformed Committee on World Food Security (Routledge 2015). See her other publications here.

Previously, Jessica worked  in the Department of Food Systems, Culture and Society at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Spain).  She has also worked as Global Coordinator for Alliance Building for the Indian NGO MARAG and is currently an advisor and researcher with Traditional Cultures Project .

When not working, she is likely to be reading, practicing yoga, riding her bike or climbing rocks.

Contact:  jessica.duncan (a)
Twitter (@foodgovernance)
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9 thoughts on “Jessica Duncan, PhD

  1. Dear Jessica,
    What an interesting blog and topic you have started. I have been working on food security/food sovereignty issues for quite some time in the operational sphere, and from january I´ll be doing my PhD on that with Olivier de Schutter, UN Special Rapporteur on Right to Food. I´ll be based in Louvain, Belgium. My research topic will be on “Governing Transition for oil-based agriculture to climate-smart and sustainable food production”.
    We seem to have many shared areas and I would like to be in contact with you so as to exchange and feedback. I have elaborated some ideas on how to improve accountability of the global food system. You can find my publications in the link below. Best regards

  2. I am very keen to read your thesis please. Myself being worked in the food sector from rights perspective, I am keen to do my phd also on food governance. in this process, I would like to learn from the seniors on what would be the pertinent areas within the food governance to be looked at, where I could approach for potential universties and scholarship sources pleas

  3. I’m looking forward to following what you write… it sounds as though you are trustworthy, in the sense that there is so much alarmist and fear filled information on the internet, that I really wan t to read facts that are accurate, true and can be vouched for… Looking forward to reading more,

  4. Thank you for updating very valuable information. I have been the CFS Secretary before the reform, and keep working on food security issues. Regards from Mexico

  5. I was wondering if you could circulate this call for papers across your network of academicians who are writing in this area or organizations that have listerves or newsletters where a call for papers is appropriate?Macmillan has asked me to edit this volume and I believe it has the potential to generate a significant amount of interest across disciplines addressing the nexus of food and place in the world. Let me know if there are other outlets that you are familiar with that might help to generate some interest in this particular call for papers.

    thanks for your help in advance

    Kevin Fitzpatrick, PhD
    Professor & Jones Chair in Community
    Director, Community and Family Institute
    Department of Sociology
    University of Arkansas

    CALL FOR PAPERS Place Based Perspectives on Food in Society. This proposed volume (12 chapters) will encourage multidisciplinary examinations of the context of food that primarily focuses on place. We are particularly interested in essays that address solutions to the global food crisis, focusing on how we address the diversity in that crisis across place. Chapters should be a maximum of 8,000 words, (not including tables, charts, pictures, etc). This volume is intended to inform students and scholars from related disciplines, but just as importantly to attract and interest the college-educated lay reader. A detailed call for papers with a comprehensive outline, target dates, proposed topics, and other details can be found at:
    For more information or questions contact: Kevin M. Fitzpatrick (Co-Ed.)
    Deadline for chapter proposals is January 15, 2014

  6. Dear Jessica,
    Glad to have discovered your blog as a result of a recommendation from one of my own blog readers (I blog at Very much looking forward to exploring your interests and your posts. My own personal interests regard rural society, social policy, environmental history, climate politics, agriculture and food politics, amongst other things.
    wishing you well

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