UPDATED: Civil Society Mechanism Presented at the CFS

Three Civil Society representatives are presenting the Civil Society Mechanism (CSM) to mediate their participation as participants in the UN Committee on World Food Security (CFS).
I have outlined the mechanism in a post available here.
Summary of issues addressed in the discussion tonight:

  • We are interested in coordinated policies to fight hunger.
  • Will take into consideration the comments raised but remain committed to autonomy and self organisation.
  • The mechanism has to take into account how civil society organises itself around the world.
  • Many groups organise around livelihoods but the other reality is that other CSO are arranged in a geographic way.
  • The size of the coordination committee is always a balance between inclusivity and efficiency.
  • The role of the CC meeting is one of FACILITATION and NOT REPRESENTATION. Therefore we need strong people who can work across constituencies and regions.
  • Dispersement and accountability of funds: CSOs will provide mechanisms for how they will remain accountable financially.
  • Feedback and evaluation will be undertaken on an ongoing basis.
  • Priority is given to organisations of the people who are most impacted by food insecurity.
  • We recognise that governments make decisions and it is our job to engage in the discussion and support decision making.
  • We are committed to the CFS process.
  • The process is open to all CSOs and is accepting to CSOs interested in participating.

Since this is a mechanism that is autonomous and based on  the notions of self-organisation, the following action was proposed by the CFS Secretariat.
“The committee acknowledges the proposed Civil Society Mechanism.”
De Luna just called for the development of a Trust Fund to support the CFS and mentioned Norway’s call to support the Mechanism.
On  to the next item of the agenda. It´s 21:30. We are tired.

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