Diversity Chronicles


Wageningen University’s Teacher of the Year 2017, Jessica Duncan, and communication and comedy guru Emma Holmes have teamed up to launch a storytelling series (with free training workshops).

The goals of the series are to:

  1. Train a new generation of storytellers.
  2. Put voices that are often overlooked into the spotlight.
  3. Start a conversation about diversity and inclusion on and around campus.
  4. Collect real-life stories that, as teachers, we can use enhance inclusivity in our courses.

Read about our storytelling evening here

storytelling night
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What is storytelling?

Storytelling is the social and cultural act of sharing stories, often with improvisation and theatrics. Stories are a universal means of entertainment, education, cultural preservation and they help to instil moral values.

Who doesn’t love sitting around the fire, grasping a mug of hot chocolate and listening to the stories of your grandmother’s youth?

Not only is storytelling one of the most enjoyable ways of communicating and learning, it is also one of the most effective ways.

Stories are made up of plots, characters and emotions; all elements which are, by their very nature, human. It is this human element which allows anyone and everyone to connect and appreciate a story being shared.

Technically speaking a story must have three things: A beginning, a middle and an end but, what makes a good storyteller is more the emotion and the strength they have to share their story with an audience.

More info about Emma Holmes, trainer:

http://emmascomedynights.com and  http://eehproductions.com

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