Storytelling workshops

Learn to become a storyteller

We have opened up a new round of Diversity Chronicles storytelling workshops.

This sign-up is for a two part workshop, please only sign-up if you can make BOTH of the workshops. Also keep in mind that hope (but will never force) you to share your story at the next Diversity Chronicles event which is on Friday the 23rd of February (Thuis).

The dates of the workshops are:

Tuesday, January the 30th at 18:00 – Part 1
Tuesday, February the 13th at 18:00 – Part 2

Location to be share once you register.

Keep in mind that it is first come first serve. Full = full. So sign-up quick by emailing Emma Holmes

Everyone is welcome to attend: especially anyone reading this who things they do not have a story to tell, or that their stories do not matter.

The goals of the workshops are to help participants:

  1. find their story;
  2. learn to craft their story; and,
  3. find the confidence to tell their story.

Participants will be encouraged to tell their story at one of our  diversity storytelling nights as part of the Diversity Chronicles. However, participation in the training does not mean that you will be forced to present.

We work hard to create and maintain safe, open, patient and accepting environments. We expect all participants to do the same.



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