Engaging Non-State Actors in New Aid Modalities

The EC just released a paper on “Engaging Non-State Actors in New Aid Modalities” wherein the EC calls for more strategic involvement with civil society in general budget support and in sector budget support operations (SPSP).

  • “Engaging Non-State Actors in New Aid Modalities” is built around three main axes: Strategic guidance: summarising the foundations of a strategic engagement with both NSAs and the state.
  • Operational guidance: Already EC practitioners have numerous guidelines for working with NSAs. Light touch operational guidance tries to fill the gaps for a more strategic engagement with NSAs.
  • Smart guidance: Finally, the document offers guidance on how to develop “smart partnerships” for such ambitious agendas.

More here: http://capacity4dev.ec.europa.eu/sites/default/files/file/30/06/2011_-_1145/engagingnonstateactors_en.pdf

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