Food policy research in a time of unprecedented challenges

IFPRI have just released their strategy for 2013-2018. You can download it here:

The global food policy landscape is rapidly changing. Food prices are increasingly volatile. Rising incomes, urbanization, and changing dietary preferences are transforming food supply chains. Climate change and weather-related shocks are escalating. And the growing scarcity of water, energy, and land means that in order to feed a growing global population, agricultural and food systems must do more with less. As the world faces unprecedented challenges, IFPRI has developed a new strategy to address the most critical food policy issues.

The new strategy identifies six research areas focused on ensuring sustainable food production, promoting healthy food systems, improving markets and trade, transforming agriculture, building resilience, and strengthening institutions and governance. The important role of gender is addressed throughout these research areas. Specific priorities are articulated for each major region where the Institute conducts its research. This is particularly important as the Institute has increased its country presence significantly to support country-led agricultural and food security strategies. There is also a sharp focus on achieving impact, with the recognition that evidence-based policies can help achieve high returns on investment, particularly for policymakers operating with limited financial resources.

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