La Via Campesina:

International Planing Committee on Food Sovereignty (IPC):

  • The International Planning Committee for Food Sovereignty is an international network that brings together several organizations representing farmers, fisherfolks and small and medium scale farmers, agricultural workers and indigenous peoples, as well as NGOs, providing a common room for mobilization that holds together local struggles and global debate. Therefore the IPC constitutes, on the global level, the only platform aggregating large organized bodies that represent together hundreds of millions of food producers, aiming to play an active role in the debate on global governance and accountability (and effectiveness) of the international institutional architecture in order to support or undermine the ability of national governments to protect the interests of small food producers and consumers. The IPC opens a new path, to broaden the opportunities of political negotiation for people organizations and movements within FAO, with the aim of establishing an effective democracy, not only bringing new social actors right where decisions are taken, but also their contents, working methods and militancy.

European Platform for Food Sovereignty: