Gearing up for CFS 37

With the 37th Session of the Committee on World Food Security around the corner, I will be doing a lot more thinking, writing and hopefully posting.
I just came back from a great 3 day meeting with the Civil Society Mechanism Working group on the Global Strategic Framework for the Committee on World Food Security (CSM WG on the GSF of the CFS, for those in the know!). I’ve written up a short 6 page summary that will be edited and revised over the next few days and will then be posted.
I’ve also moved from Barcelona to Bath (UK) and I am  getting pretty geared up about checking out the vibrant food and agriculture scene in and around Somerset.
Now, I have been working on a few organogrammes to help make sense of the CFS and would love your feedback. Does this make sense to you (if you can manage to read it)?

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  • Sabine Pallas
    Posted at 12:05h, 09 September Reply

    You’re on a roll! What are you graphically representing next? 😉
    Yes, it’s useful! Thanks for sharing.
    Maybe you could also add what constituencies are represented in the CSM, the private sector mechanism? And what areas of expertise are covered in the panel of experts? Or would that be too much to fit into the graph?
    A presto!

  • Beatriz Gascó
    Posted at 08:36h, 21 October Reply

    Hi Jessica!
    Yes, this could be helpful, but I find that the arrows do not go in the right directions. For example Private sector doesn’t go to Bureau, but only to Advisory Group and to the plenary, while the Secretariat supports plenary, bureau, HLPE and AG. HLPE feeds plenary and bureau.
    Maybe between this organogramme and the one made by Josh at page 27 of his booklet could make the perfect one…
    Thanks anyway for your good work on all these issues.
    Un abrazo,

    • foodgovernance
      Posted at 08:52h, 21 October Reply

      Thanks Beatriz!
      I do need to work on the arrows and you are, of course, correct about the connections.
      I agree Josh’s diagram gets at the connections better but it is so hard to follow, especially for those outside of the CFS process (this is a comment that I have heard quite regularly). I am trying to find a way of simplifying and will keep working on it and will keep you posted.
      You are missed but we are all soooo happy and excited for you! BESITOS guapa!

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