Global Food Security Governance (capita selecta)

Global Food Security Governance: Linking the theory and practice
Capita Selecta: Agricultural and Rural Innovation Processes
Period 1, Academic Year 2016-2017

This Capita Selecta course will examine global food security governance from theory to practice. This course will give students the opportunity to:

  • Explore the complexity of global food security governance;
  • Focus on a key challenge that threatens global food security;
  • Attend international negotiations (i.e., the 43rd Session of the Committee on World Food Security (Rome) to see, first hand, how global food security governance plays out.
  • Translate complex global food security governance processes into accessible social media formats.


Focus of the course

Global food security governance covers a dizzying array of topics. To structure this course, we will focus on the main policy roundtable of CFS43. In line with the CFS role to promote policy convergence, the CFS43 seeks to provide policy guidance around Sustainable Agricultural Development for Food Security and Nutrition, including the Role of Livestock. The objective of the negotiation is to hold an inclusive and evidence-based debate, with the objective of adopting policy recommendations on matters related to “Sustainable Agricultural Development for Food Security and Nutrition, including the Role of Livestock”.

The visit to the 43rd session of the CFS will provide students with an opportunity to further engage with, interrogate, and advance thinking and reflection on these research themes. The results of this process will be shared through discussions, presentations and a written assignment.

Course structure

The structure of the course can be broken down into 4 parts:

  • Introduction: Key terms and theoretical framework;
  • Student-led discussion of Proposed Draft Recommendations on Sustainable Agricultural Development or Food Security and Nutrition, including the role of livestock;
  • Participation at CFS 42; and,
  • Completion and submission of the assignment and related presentation.