How do we feed 9 billion people without destroying the earth?

I was asked to give a short 10-minute talk at the Betweter music and science festival. They wanted me to talk about how to feed future populations in sustainable ways.

There are multiple ways to achieve this goal. But, in my talk I spoke about the fact that the challenges are most often political and not technological. Therefore we need to urgently address the politics and governance of our food systems. A failure to get this right will restrict transformations to just and sustainable food futures.

In this short talk, I focused on the need to look beyond individual solutions and the responsibilities of governments to take action. To support this, I called for:

  1. Greater connection and linking across government sectors;
  2. Enhanced pluralism, not only for sectors and disciplines but also in experiences across food systems;
  3. Creating space for disagreement to challenge lock-ins and relations of power.

Here is the end result.

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