IFAD Asia Portal: Have you seen it?


As some of you know, I work with an NGO in India called MARAG (Maldhari Rural Action Group). Maldhari means livestock guardian in Gujarat (a language spoke in the Gujarat State in India).
Almost two years ago, MARAG hosted the Global Gathering of Women Pastoralists (check out the photobook here) and since then we have been working (albeit slowly) on implementing the resulting Action Plan and kick-starting a Global Network of Women Pastoralists.
We are also dedicated to continuing the dialogue we started and we have turned to IFAD (the UN’s International Fund for Agricultural Development) for help!
IFAD Asia has a new portal dedicated to knowledge sharing and we have been working on a page for MARAG and the Global Gathering.
If you have something you want to share, please let us know. 
**ALSO** we are trying to see how we can make this interactive and so, to kick things off, we have started a discussion about the challenges facing women pastoralists. We would LOVE to hear what you think these are. Get involved by registering and then adding your comments to the discussion (CLICK HERE!)

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