Media Review from the Global Gathering of Women Pastoralists

Pastoralism, notably mobile pastoralism, is the most viable form of production and land use for most of the world’s fragile drylands. Yet pastoralism is under increasing legal, economic, social and political threat in the way of disincentives and barriers, primarily restricting mobility of livestock. Despite evidence that illustrates the important environmental services performed by pastoralists, they are often misunderstood and marginalized socially, economically and politically due to perceived administrative problems posed by their mobile livelihoods. Consequently, negative stereotypes pervade pastoral policy and management in many countries.
A major motivation for the Global Gathering of Women Pastoralists was to start to change these attitudes, in part through positive media stories. In this respect, the Gathering was a success as several positive stories were published. Press Review Global Gathering of Women Pastoralists

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