Online Policy Discussion: Making the food system work for women

Ten experts, ten essays, one topic: Making the food system work for women
Join Oxfam’s global online policy discussion from November 19-30, 2012
·         What: A policy discussion to generate bold proposals for advancing gender justice within the food system
·         Why: To share ideas, hear those of others, and dialogue with some of the world’s best minds on how to make the food system work for women
·         When: Two-week online discussion from November 19-30 in English, French and Spanish
·         How: Each day we will post one essay online and invite your comments

Week 1 of the online discussion (November 19-23) 

·         Nidhi Tandon “Changing value systems, one village at a time”
·         Elizabeth Vazquez “The potential of women suppliers”
·         Vandana Shiva “Seeds in women’s hands”
·         Fatima Shabodien “Women farm workers dying for food”
·         Alexandra Spieldoch “Time for a new recipe”
Week 2 of the online discussion (November 26-30)
·         Tinna Nielsen “Stop talking about equality”
·         Joanna Kerr “Seeds and sisterhood”
·         Sophia Murphy “On the virtues of discrimination”
·         Jayati Ghosh “Nutrition policies that work for women” and Pamela Caro, “Food sovereignty and gender equality”
·         Olivier De Schutter “The recivilization of men by women”
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