Participation for improved policy making

Hello from the General Conference of the European Consortium for Political Research, taking place in Bordeaux.
I have been pretty stretched over the last few weeks and haven’t had the time to blog but I thought I would post my presentation I am giving this afternoon to the Session on Food Governance. I hope to post the paper at some point soon.
The aim of the paper is to look at how increased participation in the Committee on World Food Security impacts policy outcomes.
Conclusions are:

•The CFS represents a forum with the potential to change the way food security policy is framed by changing who defines the topics and who participates in the debates
•Through the CSM-CFS, social movements translate their struggles into broader political processes
•The impact of civil society engagement has broadened the scope of debate within the CFS and expanded the scope of policies coming out of the CFS
•CFS is not immune to power politics
•CFS remains weak on technical and “big politics” issue; less willing to step back from a business-as-usual approach, here CSOs have less influence and legitimacy
BUT… so what if the policies are not taken up and implemented at regional and national level? (Future research)
All thoughts and comments most welcome.

Happy reading (I hope!)

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