Publications and Presentations

Popular Media

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Refereed Journal Articles

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Book Chapter

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Selected Academic Presentations

Keynote: Reflexive governance for environmentally sustainable food security policies: A case study of the Committee on World Food Security.  Presentation at the Belgium Agroecology Meeting (September 2016, Gent, Belgium)

Global food security governance and the post-political condition. Paper presentation at  Development Studies Association (September 2016, Oxford, UK)

Pastoralist Parliament: Re-assembling the ruler’s tools to change the rules. Paper presentation at PE-3C: Political Ecologies of Conflict, Capitalism and Contestation (July 2016, Wageningen, The Netherlands)

European farmers and the “Greening” of the CAP: A Critical Discourse Analysis Global governance/politics, climate justice & agrarian/social justice: linkages and challenges. Paper presentation at ISS International Colloquium (February 2016, The Hague, The Netherlands)

Donuts for food governance:  Transformation for sustainable food governance. Paper presentation General Conference of the European Consortium for Political Research (August 2015, Montreal Canada)

The collective power of the Lilliputians: Enhancing understanding of how organizational elements of Alternative Food Networks can support a post-neoliberal transition. Paper presentation XXVI European Society for Rural Sociology Congress (August 2015, Aberdeen, UK)

Redirection for the contemporary governance of the world’s food supply. Policy brief presentation to the OECD event Feeding the more than 9 billion by 2050: Challenges and Opportunities. Invited speaker (April 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark)

Governing the doughnut. Petcha Kutcha talk at the Eco-Intensive Agriculture Conference. Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. Invited speaker (April 2015, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Global Food Governance in an Era of Crisis. For the workshop Mapping the State of Play on the Global Food Landscape.  Invited panellist (September 2014, Waterloo, Canada)

The Renewed Global Food Security Policy Agenda and the Environmental Policy Divide. European Consortium for Political Science Research (ECPR) session on Contemporary Modes of Food Governance. Co-authored presentation (September 2014, Glasgow, Scotland).

Civil Society Participation in the Committee on World Food Security: Lessons to take forward. IDDRI’s Food and Nutrition Security Governance and Impacts Assessment Workshop. Invited panelist  (July 2014, Montpellier, France).

Competing Discourses at the Committee on World Food Security: Tracing Trade Liberalisation, the Right to Food and Food Sovereignty in Global Food Security Policy. European Consortium for Political Research (September 2013, Bordeaux, France).

Dairy Policy, Food Security and the Pastoralists of Gujarat, India. Presentation and panellist for the Gendering Food Security Workshop. Warwick University, Centre for the Study of Women and Gender and Warwick Global Research Priorities: Food Security. Invited speaker (February 2013, , Warwick, UK).

Peasants, Pastoralists and Participation in Policy Processes: Implications of Civil Society Engagement in Global Food Security Governance. Royal Geographical Society (July  2012, Edinburgh, UK).

Standing in solidarity — maintaining distance?: Exploring methodological and ethical dynamics of participatory research with food social movements. Global Studies Association (May 2012, Victoria, Canada).

Civil Society Engagement in Global Food Security Governance: The Committee on World Food Security as Deliberative Democracy. European Congress of Rural Sociology (July 2011, Chania, Greece).