Rethinking Food Systems: Structural Challenges, New Strategies and the Law

A new book,  Rethinking Food Systems: Structural Challenges, New Strategies and the Law, has just been released.  The book examines how law shapes global food systems and their ongoing transformations, using detailed case studies, historical mapping and legal analysis.

In it, Olivier De Schutter, Jun Borras and Jennifer Franco, Isabella Rae, Carmen Gonzalez, Hans Haugen, Lea Brilmayer and William Moon, Saulo Araújo and Wendy Godek, Priscilla Claeys and Nadia Lambek explore how various actors (farmers, civil society groups, government officials, international bodies) use or could use different legal tools (legislative, jurisprudential, norm-setting) on various scales (local, national, regional, global) to achieve structural changes in food systems.

Rethinking Food Systems also discusses the potential of right to food and food sovereignty legislation, the role of the state and the fragmentation of international law, ways to regulate land grabbing, and how to induce social change through law. It is edited by Nadia Lambek, Priscilla Claeys, Adrienna Wong and Lea Brilmayer.

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