Teaching and supervision

I am very  honoured to have been named as Teacher of the Year 2017.

You can read my interview about it here.

I teach in a number of courses at Wageningen University as well as abroad.

Period 1 RSO51303 Capita Selecta: Global Food Security Governance
Period 1 FSE21306 Organic Agricultre and Society
Period 2 RSO22360 Food Culture and Custom
Period 2 RSO34806 Social Regulation and Transformation of Sustainable Food Systems
Period 3 RSO33306 Food, Health and Society
Period 5 RSO22306 People, Policy and Resources
Period 6 FSE31806 Agroecology
PhD Courses WASS Gender & Diversity in Sustainable Development
WASS Critical perspectives on social theory
MOOC (edX) Online

Food Security and Sustainability: Food Access

Here is a video from the MOOC on Food Security and Sustainability: Food Access. In this video I talk about the key players in the international trade of food.

Here is another video featuring some of my former students. The aim of this video was to prepare students for an online debate about the international trade of food and food security.


I always enjoy working with students. I am willing to supervise BSc, MSc and PhD students who want to do sociological research on topics related to global food security governance. To get a sense of the types of projects I supervise, check out this page.

Are you interested in doing your thesis with the Rural Sociology Group at Wageningen University?

Contact our eduation coordinator Jessica de Koning