The Earth is mud, be calm: Reflections on the PhD process

I was recently asked to a group of potential PhD candidates about my own experiences during and after my PhD.

I think in many ways, my PhD was one of the more positive stories I have heard. I would do it again in a heartbeat (I often lament that it was too short). I had taken time off before starting and went back motivated and sure of what I wanted to get out of the process and where I wanted to end up. I had amazing supervisors, an engaging research project that connected with with inspiring supervisors and good funding. I had the tough job of choosing between a post-doc or a tenure track job both at amazing institutions. Continue reading The Earth is mud, be calm: Reflections on the PhD process

Ph.D. Fellowship Competition: Global Governance and Regional Integration

The BIGSSS Ph.D. Program: Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences (BIGSSS) invites applications to its Ph.D. program. The program will commence on September 1st, 2015.

Successful applicants for our Ph.D. fellowships will pursue a topic in one of BIGSSS’ three Thematic Fields:

Field A: Global Governance and Regional Integration

Field B: Welfare State, Inequality and Quality of Life

Field C: Changing Lives in Changing Socio-Cultural Contexts

As applicant you are asked to apply with your own research project broadly related to one of the three thematic fields. You must indicate one or two supervisors for your proposal. If you do not name one or two potential supervisors, your application will not be considered. Please be sure to check the BIGSSS homepage and the ones of our faculty for their research interests. By having a close fit to the research interests of BIGSSS faculty, we can assure the best possible supervision. Please note that you should not contact the potential referees directly. Instead, it is sufficient that you indicate their names in your Statement of Purpose. For more information, please refer to“Application Materials”.

All fellows are expected to choose Bremen as their place of residence.

More details available here: