The Wild Side of Agro-food Studies: On Co-experimentation, Politics, Change, and Hope

Came across this article  by Michael Carolan in Sociologia Ruralis and thought others may find it interesting.

Noting that the field of agro-food studies has undergone numerous ‘turns’ over the years, this article first seeks to make sense of this evolving literature by examining aspects of the metaphysical foreground upon which this ‘turning’ takes place. Doing this highlights a coalescing of sorts within the field; a movement the author describes as being less toward a specific theoretical framework as it is around a general way of doing agro-food scholarship. This style of scholarship embraces relationality, process, and multiplicity while emphasising the generative capacities of what agro-food scholars do for enacting novel political, ontological, and normative practices. The reminder of the article co-experiments with what it means to be open to these productive capacities as researchers, in terms of making the un-thought thinkable and un-doable routine. In doing this the article offers an account of agro-food imaginaries that is hopeful precisely because it is unsettling.
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