World Food Security, Pastoralism and Governance

This afternoon I will be giving a talk titled “World Food Security, Pastoralism and Governance: Reflections on global food security, governance and participation in the wake of the 2007-2008 food price spikes” to the Master’s class “Political Economy of Food” at City University London’s Centre for Food Policy.

To download the presentation click here: Food Security, Pastoralism and Governance march 11 2011

(it says March 11th but it is really March 6th).


I start the talk by considering at the global food security governance crisis, that became very aparent after the world food price spikes in 2007-2008. It then reviews the Committee on World Food Security, focusing on the reforms and the development of the Civil Society Mechanism. From therem I focus on the pastoralist constituency and review the election of the two pastoralist focal points to the CSM. This is followed by a reviwe of key trends in global governance literature and how they related to the CFS.

Hope no one falls asleep!


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