Land Security Report

A new report is out called: “The Land Security Agenda: How investor risks in farmland create opportunities for sustainability”

It’s been published by The Earth Security Initiative, “an organization created to deal with the Earth’s ecological limits as part of a new security and risk management agenda. It engages a range of stakeholders to target the risks involved, to integrate various areas of knowledge into actionable ideas, and to cross boundaries between financial markets, industry, government and civil society to improve how these risks are managed in specific investment and policy agendas.”

The report introduces an action agenda, which seeks to mobilize:

1. Investors to manage the long-term risks in their portfolios as opportunities to create value for people, land and water. The performance reviews of fund managers and their pre-investment due-diligence processes integrate these criteria.

2. Governments regulate land acquisitions according to these criteria, applying them to domestic and foreign investments alike. Transparency on these three trends enables civil society and investors to assess the long-term risks of nations.

3. The customary rights held by communities are fully recognized by investors and governments, ensuring communities to own their land assets, which is a condition for prosperity.

You can download the report here.

I will try and get to it today and find time to summarize my thoughts over the next few days, along with my summary of the VGs!


2 thoughts on “Land Security Report

  1. This reminds me of the book “Global Spin” by Sharon Bader. At least the Earth Security Initiative is not calling itself “civil society”. Though maybe they will participate as such in the consultations on prai. 😉

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