Participation in Policy Processes: CSO participation in the Committee on World Food Security

I am currently in Edinburgh (brrrrr after the 40º temperatures in Rome) at the Annual International Conference of the Royal Geographical Society: “Security of Geography /Geography of Security”.

I will be presenting a paper on Thursday morning. The paper is the next step after the article published last week in IJSAF. In that article I consider the challenges civil society faces in cooridinating their participation in the CFS: CSO to CSO. In this article, I am interested in the challenges CSOs face in their participation in the work of the Committee: CSO to CFS.

I have analysed two policy roundtables from the 37th Session of the CFS: Increasing Investment in Smallholder Agriculture and Food Price Volatility.

I analyse the impact that civil society had on the final policy recommendations and from that develop a list of successful strategies and challenges.

Here is the presentation. DUNCAN Royal Geography Society Paper

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