More quotes on policy analysis

A few weeks ago I posted a quote that was helping me stay motivated (read it here).

Today, I am focused on this quote which is a nice reminder of why policy-makers need more than just “facts” (read quantitative outputs) and that my job is to provide them with alternatives and considerations of the impacts policies may have and are having:

What qualitative research can offer the policy maker is a theory of social action grounded on the experiences—the world view—of those likely to be affected by a policy decision or thought to be part of the problem.
(Walker, 1985:19)

Back to NVivo!

Reference: Walker, R. (1985) Applied Qualitative Research, Aldershot: Gower.

2 thoughts on “More quotes on policy analysis

  1. Hi Rachel,
    Thanks for writing in. I am clearly in quick-blog mode. That should read simply why policy makers. Will make the change now. Sorry for the confusion and no, I do not normally consider myself to be a policy-maker but I am certainly a qualitative researcher.



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