Right to Food Journal

The new issue of FIAN International’s Right to Food journal is available at: http://www.fian.org/news/article/detail/right-to-food-journal-vol-8-no-1/

It contains the following articles:

  •  ‘Strengthening the Human Rights Movement Globally: The Vienna+20 CSO Conference’ by Brid Brennan and Rolf Künnemann
  • ‘A Source of Inspiration’ – The New Global Network on the Right to Food and Nutrition’ written in collaboration by Carolin Callenius, Stineke Oenema and Flavio Valente
  • In the Path to Food Sovereignty – Rights for peasants are taking power’ by Mohammed Ikhwan
  • Towards the Development of a National Right to Food Framework Law in the Phillipines’ by Aurea Miclat-Teves
  • ‘All Human Rights for All: Celebrating the entry into force of the Optional Protocol to the ICESCR’ by Suad Elias
  •  ‘The National Food Security Act: A long Road towards the realization of the right to food’ by FIAN India
  •   ‘Methodological Approaches to Field Work – Dignity for the Right to Adequate Food and Nutrition of Afro-Colombian Peasant Women’ by Ingrid Paola Romero Niño and Denisse Córdova R. Montes
  •  ‘Judgement in Favor of Evictees in the case Mubende in Uganda’ written by Anton Pieper.

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