Blurred lines in New York City governance: whose job is it to save our seas?

Excellent post about sustainability and fisheries governance.

The Urban Observer

**This is a guest blog post, by Dr. Megan Bailey, postdoctoral researcher at Wageningen University, working in the Best Tuna Research Project. 

tuna2 Bluefin Tuna catch, The Philippines. All images: Megan Bailey, unless specified.

The oceans are in trouble; this is nothing new. Their health is plagued by plastics, pollution, acidification, and overfishing. While many fish species have been overfished, or are currently subject to overfishing, the Bluefin tuna is probably the most iconic of all overfished fish.  But whose job is it to save our seas – or more specifically, our Bluefin? Should we look to governments to ward off overfishing or to consumers to eat more consciously? To counter over-consumption, NYC Councilman Alan Maisel, proposed that NYC ban the sale of Bluefin tuna, suggesting that it is city’s job to promote conservation.

While nation states are recognized by international law as the stewards…

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