Food Governance is Expanding

Notes from an interdisciplinary dinner

One of the absolute pleasures and benefits of working at Wageningen University is the opportunity to collaborate with some excellent and passionate scholars.

In order to make good use of this situation, a group of us have started to have interdisciplinary dinners: shamelessly nerdy dinners where we discuss problems that keep us up at night. The idea is to share our own disciplinary perspectives on key issues (e.g. food security, climate change, gender).

These encounters have made something very clear to me: solutions to the the big challenges we face demand not only multiple perspectives, but also the ability to understand and process these different perspectives.

This is of course  true for issues related to food governance. And so, to improve the quality and diversity of the content on this blog, and to get to understand issues of food governance from different perspectives, I have invited some inspiring scholars to join me.

Megan Bailey is a fisheries economist and a fellow Canadian who will provide insight into the complex world of fish and fisheries, a key but often neglected sector when we talk about food security.

Stefano Pascucci is an agricultural and new institutional economist who will share stories about agricultural value chains and illuminate the role of organizational dynamics in food governance.

I look forward to the interesting contributions that these two will make and to the quality of discussions that will certainly follow.

Their bios are available here.

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